Introducing ChatBack


To make life simpler we've brought you ChatBack

ChatBack is our platform that we have developed in order to deliver various services via WhatsApp. ChatBack is all about making frustrating tasks simple so that life is easier and hassle free.

We all have tasks we dislike doing and lest's be honest, renewing your vehicle licence is one of those. To take the stress out of renewing your vehicle licence disc... we have brought you the world's first vehicle licence renewal service on WhatsApp.

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Why WhatsApp?

"Whatever...the easy way...using WhatsApp!"


ChatFin believes that individuals and organisations can save a lot of time and money using WhatsApp to simplify experiences.

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Dominant chat platform in South Africa, Africa and other emerging markets


Uniquely scalable because of cost effective deployment and access to the largest and most engaged installed base


Channel for new business and a platform for chat driven business models


Increased efficiency in automation, digitisation, client service and experience across all business processes


WhatsApp integration unlocks existing value in the brand and the client base more easily


Avoids front end distraction and the associated costs 


A WhatsApp integration solution for all business

ChatfFin solves the problem of expensive and extensive integration challenges by utilsing the WhatsApp chat interface. This eliminates front-end interference, reduces the costs of ongoing development and associated maintenance and results in increased efficiency in automation, digitisation, client service and experience across all business processes.


Since its launch, WhatsApp has quickly grown to be the dominant player in the chat spheres and is now the most dominant chat platform and application on smartphones in South Africa and Africa in general. WhatsApp Business is also a growing and very important initiative, enabling more and more businesses to recognise and exploit the power of WhatsApp chat.


By using the ChatFin solution, your business will have a unique and focused opportunity to implement new business models, deal with current pain points and improve overall customer experience through WhatsApp integration.


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